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We were never meant to walk with Jesus all by ourselves. God does a significant work in us and through us as we gather in smaller groups during the week.


How is God leading you today? We would love to help you take the next step in your faith.


Think Humbly to Serve Genuinely

Sermon What is our true motivation to be part of a church and to use our gifts to serve? Pastor Ryan explores this question in Romans 12:3-8, “Think humbly to serve genuinely”. Application Questions Look Back Look UpRead Romans 12:1-8 Look Ahead

We Respond to God’s Mercy by Giving our all

Sermon When you understand all that God has done for us in Christ, there is only one reasonable response. Pastor Ryan share this response from Romans 12:1-2, “We respond to God’s mercy by giving our all”. Application Questions Look Back Look UpRead Romans 12:1-2 Look Ahead

Be Humble; God in His Wisdom is Working His Plan

Sermon What is God’s plan for saving the world? Why does He do it that way and what should our response be? Pastor Ryan answers these questions from Romans 11:25-36, “Be humble; God in His wisdom is working His plan”. Application Questions Look Back Look UpRead Romans 11:25-36 Look Ahead

There is Always Hope

Sermon God is so amazing that He works through rejection and hard hearts to bring salvation to the world. Pastor Ryan teaches from Romans 11:7-24, “There is always hope because God is working all history to bring salvation”. Application Questions Look Back Look UpRead Romans 11:7-24 Look Ahead

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