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We were never meant to walk with Jesus all by ourselves. God does a significant work in us and through us as we gather in smaller groups during the week.


How is God leading you today? We would love to help you take the next step in your faith.


Wake Up, Your Work’s Not Done

SermonWe can get lulled to sleep spiritually. We can forget our purpose and mission from Christ. We can rest on past faithfulness and forget to live in the present. Pastor Ryan returns to the study in the book of Revelation 3:1-6 “Wake up, your work’s not done”. Application Questions Look Back Look UpRead Revelation 3:1-6 Look Ahead

Jesus Fulfilled it All

Sermon What does Jesus say about his death and resurrection? What meaning does he give to these events? Pastor Ryan’s Easter message is from Luke 24:36-49 “Jesus fulfilled it all”. Application Questions Look Back Look UpRead Luke 24:36-49 Look Ahead

Jesus Comes to Set the Record Straight

Sermon What is the whole Palm Sunday, triumphal entry all about anyway? These events in Jesus ministry serve a purpose to describe and define Jesus’ identity and ministry. Pastor Ryan teaches from Luke 19 which reveals that “Jesus comes to set the record straight”. Application Questions Look Back Look UpRead Luke 19:1-40 Look Ahead

Stay Faithful to Christ Alone

Sermon Have you ever put up with a negative influence too long? Jesus warns his church not to tolerate any influence that would lead us away from singular devotion to Him. Pastor Ryan teaches from Revelation 2:18-29 in which we are challenged to “Stay faithful to Christ alone”. Application Questions Look Back Look UpRead Revelation 2:18-29 Look Ahead

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