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Go! Love and Lead People to Jesus Christ teaching them to live as His devoted followers

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We were never meant to walk with Jesus all by ourselves. God does a significant work in us and through us as we gather in smaller groups during the week.


How is God leading you today? We would love to help you take the next step in your faith.


God is the Absolute Center of Everything

SermonWhat would it look like to peer into heaven? The apostle John was given that opportunity and shares his experience with us. Pastor Ryan preaches from Revelation 4, “God is the absolute center of everything”. Application Questions Look Back Look UpRead Revelation 4 Look Ahead

Love Much

SermonWhat happens when a person realizes their sins have been forgiven? Pastor Ryan preaches from Luke 7:36-50, and we’ll see the response is to, “Love Much” Application Questions Look Back Look UpRead Luke 7:36-50 Look Ahead

Let His Rebuke Open the Door to the Riches of Jesus

SermonJesus sees right through to our hearts and he loves us enough to rebuke us. Pastor Ryan teaches from the book of Revelation 3:14-22 “Let his rebuke open the door to the riches of Jesus”. Application Questions Look Back Look UpRead Revelation 3:14-22 Look Ahead

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