Community Toy Store
Shopping List

Community Toy Store
Shopping List

For the last several years we have been part of an event called The Community Toy Store, including last Christmas when we hosted it at Northwest. The underlying principle of this event is to help those experiencing financial difficulties in our community by offering them a “hand up, not a hand out”.

Shopping List

Toys for children ages 2-11*

o Legos
o Action Figures
o Craft Kits
o Kid’s sleeping bags
o Children’s books
o Cars and Trucks
o Sports Equipment & Balls
o Dress-up clothes
o Dolls
o Bikes & Scooters
o Bike Helmets
o Board Games for kids and families

* Gifts should be purchased new, $10 and over

Clothing Gift Cards for Teens

$25 gift cards to “clothing only” stores (ie Old Navy, American Eagle, etc)

If you prefer, you can purchase directly from the Bellingham Community Toy Store Amazon Wish List. Simply add items to your cart and choose the “Bham Toy Store” as the shipping address at checkout.