Day 17: I Will Make You Fishers of Men

Day 17: I Will Make You Fishers of Men

Matthew 4:19, “And he said to them, ‘Follow me, and I will make you fishers of men.’”

Jesus called these men not just to follow, but to reach others. It has always been the plan of God to reach the nations with the Gospel. His plan of attack is to use us to reach others.

I am so thankful for our partnership with The Timothy Initiative (TTI). They have taken to heart the task of reaching the nations with the gospel. The strategy is simple, disciples of Jesus make disciples, who make disciples and on and on it goes. They are currently working on a project to place a church in every village of India. For $300 a month they can plant a church, that plants a church. They raise up disciples who reach other disciples the next village over. Since their beginning a little over 10 years ago, TTI has seen 84,000 churches planted and 1,680,320 disciples made! That sounds like a fulfillment of fishers of men. They are not only doing this around the world, but also right here in the States. I am currently being trained and mentored by leaders from TTI so that I can train people to make disciples who make disciples. Some of you have participated in this training with me in the past, and we currently have eight people in the training. Every week, we focus on being led by the Holy Spirit to reach out to people. We are ready to share our story and God’s story with them. The vision is to see new disciples made who will be immediately trained to reach out to their friends and family. The result will be more disciples made and micro churches planted all through this county and beyond. Please pray for our current group; Dan, John, Jim, Crystal, Russ, Del, Arline and Ryan. Please continue to pray for the outreach going on at Sunset Pond as a discovery bible study is being started among those living in or near the park.


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