Day 2: Follow Me

Today’s prayer guide has us read Luke 5:27-32- the story of the call of Levi the tax collector.  This was the most unlikely person that Jesus would call.  He was hated by all because he worked for the Romans and used his authority to over tax the people.  In everyone’s view he was a hopeless sinner and not really worthy of Jesus time or mercy.  Yet that’s exactly who Jesus called.  What’s more amazing, he responded, immediately.  He left everything and followed Jesus.  Then he threw a huge part for his tax collector friends so they could meet Jesus.  The lesson for us, Jesus is calling those who nobody wants to reach.  Those who seem too far away.  Not only that, his first move is to invite his friends to meet Jesus.  People far from Jesus can immediately bring people to Jesus.  Take some time to pray specifically for people who seem “too far” and are “beyond hope”.  Pray for people that everyone deems unworthy.  Lift them up by name, pray that they would not only respond to Jesus, but immediately bring others to him as well.