Disciples Making Disciples

Disciples Making Disciples

Day: Wednesdays (start date TBD)
Time: 6:30PM
Room: Fireside, 205

Description: Disciples Making Disciples is a training ministry focused on being Disciples of Jesus who make more Disciples of Jesus, who can then make more Disciples of Jesus. It is part of a disciple-making movement happening around the world. This all comes from the mission organization called The Timothy Initiative. Currently, as a church, we support their project in India and Nepal in which they are seeking to make disciples and plant churches in every village of those 2 countries; it is amazing!

A few years back they started asking the question, “Why not here in the US?” If it is working around the world, why can’t it work here? And now, it is! Our training center is focused on equipping people to reach this community for Christ, particularly people who will not come into the church building. You are trained how to share your faith and disciple new believers in an easily reproducible way so that it spreads to others. The vision is to see new disciples made and micro churches formed in every place where we live, work, worship, shop and play; everywhere.

We currently have two training centers. This is not a class, it is an obedience based training in which we hold each other accountable to actually go out and make disciples. If you are someone who wants to reach this community, who wants to go out to places where no one is going and reach people who no one is reaching, then this training is for you.

Contact Pastor Ryan for more details.

Open to: Adults
Led by: Russ Jensema