Go! Love and Lead People to Jesus Christ teaching them to live as His devoted followers.





Making the Bible Clear

Defined- Preaching/Teaching the bible in a way that makes the meaning plane, and understandable to people today so they can hear and respond to God

Why- When the God-breathed bible is made clear to people it has the power to bring salvation, spiritual transformation, healing, hope, and equipping to live godly lives

Becoming More Like Christ

Defined- Helping people go from wherever they are at, toward living lives that are more and more like Jesus

Why- Because we were made for God and saved by God, and we find our fullest joy and bring him the most glory when we grow further and further into reflecting the life of Jesus

Loving with Grace

Defined- The kind, friendly, accepting welcome we offer to anyone and the loving way we care for and serve one another

Why- because we have received the loving grace of God and we now get the opportunity to extend that to one another and
those we meet

Persisting in Prayer

Defined- making prayer a continual priority in all we do as a church, no matter what we are facing

Why-God is ready and waiting for us to pray to him, and He chooses to listen to us and respond to our prayers with power, and apart from him we can do nothing.

Taking the Next Step

God has called us to grow in our walk with Him. What is your next step?


Just send us a message and we would love to help you to get connected at Northwest and discover all that God will do as we walk with Him together.

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