Missional Communities


What after all is a Missional Community (MC)?


  A group of people who live life together like an extended family prioritizing growing in Christ together, and living as missionary disciples of Jesus as part of their everyday lives.   What are missionary disciples? People who orient their lives around 3 dimensions; UP, IN, and OUT.  


    ^ UP is everything we do to connect with God.


    > IN is everything we do to live in community.


    < OUT is everything we do in mission.   


A Missional Community creates a monthly rhythm to carry out these three dimensions together. 
Why do MC’s at all? 


They are fueled by a burning desire to live the robust life of faith that is pictured in the New Testament. Do you hunger for deep meaningful community to share life and faith with?  Do you long for your children to see and experience firsthand what a life following Jesus is all about? Do you want to be a part of carrying God’s mission forward? The Missional Community is a vehicle that seeks to deliver on that longing. 

What is Happening Now?

Missional Communities are a new and growing ministry at Northwest right now.  Currently there has been one community meeting with Pastor Ryan as an experimental Research and Development group.  As they have learned together they are beginning to multiply and start new MC's.  If you are interested in committing to this kind of group please let us know.

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