Sermons on Matthew

Christmas Takes Ultimate Fear Away

Sermon Many of us live with a sense of fear and anxiety. Fear of the future, fear of the present, fear of loss, all of these can become very difficult in our lives. Pastor Ryan begins his Christmas sermons in Matthew 1:18-25 where we’ll see that “Christmas Takes Ultimate Fear Away”. Application Questions Look Back Look UpRead Matthew 1:18-25 Look Ahead

Jesus is the King to Trust because He’s the Lamb Who Gave His Life

SermonWhat’s Palm Sunday all about? Why should we pay attention to it and more importantly to Jesus. Pastor Ryan’s teaches on Palm Sunday from Matthew’s Gospel: “Jesus is the king to trust because He’s the lamb who gave his life.” Application QuestionsLook Back Look UpRead Matthew 21:1-11 Look Ahead

Trust the Good King with Your Throne

SermonThe arrival of Jesus into the world brings a variety responses, from joy, to indifference to hostility. Why does the Christmas event illicit these responses? What is your response? Pastor Ryan walks through these reactions in Matthew 2:1-18 where we are challenged to “Trust the Good King with Your Throne”. Application QuestionsLook Back Look UpRead Matthew 2:1-18 Look Ahead