Sermons by Jon Aldrich

God’s Provision & Protection

God’s Provision & Protection Speaker: Jon Aldrich Key Passage: Psalm 23 Since graduating from seminary Jon Aldrich along with Linda have been in fulltime service for over 45 years. They recently completed 9 1/2 years as members of the Northwest Baptist pastoral staff and spent a lot of time ministering to senior adults. Over a lifetime of ministry Psalms 23, 73 and 139 have become a source of encouragement and guidance to them. Pastor Jon looks forward to helping you…

Guest Speaker Jon Aldrich

Sunday Morning Worship Service at Northwest Baptist Church in Bellingham, WA Guest Speaker Jon Aldrich teaches and the Quarterly Business Meeting follows the service today.

Guest Speaker Jon Aldrich

Application Questions  Share any results from steps you have taken in response to the message.   What stood out to you most from today’s message?   Reread Psalm 131:1 How does this apply to our current world today?  How much of the world’s problems can we handle thinking about?     Reread Psalm 133:1 How can we work towards unity in our lives?  How can we extend it into our community?   Reread Psalm 134.  What role does worship play in our lives?  What does that look like for you?  Taking Action  Focus on one of…