Sermons from February 2023

My Heart’s Desire is for This to be Real

SermonWe live in a photoshopped world where we can edit and put forth any image we want to project. But do you long for what is real, true and genuine? Pastor Ryan will teach from 1 Thessalonians 2:1-8; “My hearts desire is for this to be real.” Application QuestionsLook Back Look UpRead 1 Thessalonians 2:1-8 Look Ahead

Christ Gives us Every Reason to be Confident in God

SermonHave you ever felt insecure in your faith? Have you wondered if God gets tired of you? Pastor Ryan will show us that we can be confident in Christ from Romans 5:1-8; “Christ gives us every reason to be confident in God.” Application QuestionsLook Back Look UpRead Romans 5:6-11 Look Ahead

Christ’s Blessings Give us an Unshakable Hope

SermonCan hope survive a trial or suffering? Yes, Pastor Ryan will demonstrate that suffering can actually increase our hope from Romans 5:1-8; “Christ’s blessings give us an unshakable hope.” Application QuestionsLook Back Look UpRead Romans 5:1-8 Look Ahead

We Receive the Promises of God by Faith, and There’s Good Reasons for it.

SermonCan you just have faith? What is it based on? Are there good reasons to trust God? Pastor Ryan will help us answer these questions from Romans 4:13-25, “We receive the promises of God by faith, and there’s good reasons for it.” Application QuestionsLook Back Look UpRead Romans 4:13-16 Read Romans 4:17 Read Romans 4:18-21 Read Romans 4:23-25 Look Ahead