Sermons from January 2024

Always Make God Your Refuge

Sermon Where do you go when you are in trouble? When you are stressed, anxious and fearful where do you turn to find refuge? Pastor Ryan will challenge us to, “Always Make God your refuge”. Application Questions Look Back Look UpRead Psalm 118:5-9 Look Ahead

Always Pay Attention to Jesus

Sermon We live in an attention economy; everything is vying for it. The one thing that we most need to pay attention to, God, can often be the most neglected. Pastor Ryan will focus his message on ,”Always Pay Attention to Jesus”. Application Questions Look Back Read John 15:1-5 and Psalm 91:1-2Look Up Look Ahead

Reach For the Grace of God

Sermon How do we interact with the world views around us? What is the right approach? What is the Biblical worldview? Pastor Ryan teaches from Acts 17:16-34 urging all to “Reach for the Grace of God”. Application Questions Look Back Read Acts 17:16-34 Look Up Look Ahead

Pray, Pray, Always Pray

Sermon There are times in our lives when we need to pray and want to pray. There are others in which we forget to pray and don’t want to pray. Pastor Ryan kicks off our 21 Days of Prayer from 2 Chronicles 14-16, “Pray, Pray, Always Pray”. Application Questions Look Back Read 2 Chronicles 14-16Look Up Look Ahead