Easter Origins, Part 1

Easter Origins, Part 1

Easter Origins, Part 1

Where does the Easter story come from? Is it an invention of the church? Does it go deeper than that? Pastor Ryan traces the origins of Easter from ancient times from Zechariah 12 today where we find “We Are Cleansed by the Wounded Healer.”

Application Questions ​
Look Back

Share anyways you were able to love, host and/or serve this past week.

Look Up

What stood out to you most today?

Read Genesis 3:14-15
What is the purpose of this passage? What do you think they understood by it? What plan was God setting in motion?

Read Zechariah 12:1 & 10-12, and John 19:31-37
What phrases jump out of this passage related to Genesis 3:15? How do they foretell the Easter story? Is this merely coincidence? How can we be sure?

Read Zechariah 13:1 and Luke 24:44-48
How do these align with one another? Is anything missing?

Does this stream from Zechariah match the Genesis 3:15 profile? How is it similar and different? How does this help us trust the Easter accounts in the Gospels?

Look Ahead
Take a moment and ask God how He wants you to respond? What action step do you need to take this week? Share your plan to do it.