Extreme Measures

Extreme Measures

Extreme Measures

When you have broken faith with God, extreme measures are needed to get back on track with Him This week Pastor Ryan teaches from Ezra 9-10; “Let nothing come between you and God.”

Application Questions ​
Look Back

Share anyways you took action to resist drifting away from God this past week.

Look Up

What stood out to you most today?

Read Ezra 9
What can we learn about the danger of sin from Ezra’s response? Share any times you have grieved and mourned sin.

Why did Ezra react so strongly? What danger were the people in from marrying foreign wives. Share examples of dangers people bring into their lives today.

Read Ezra 10:1-17
What was Ezra’s plan? How do we handle the seeming contradiction of divorce? What options were available? How should we apply this today?

Read Psalm 115:1-8
What impact does idol worship have on people? How does this happen today? How do we guard against it?

What are sources today that cause people to lose their spiritual sensitivity? Share any experiences you have had with that?

How can someone be freed from the snares of lies today? How can we know what is true?

Look Ahead
Take a moment and ask God if there are thoughts, ideas, or people that are creating a wedge between you and him. Ask Him how you can remove these threats. Share your plan for action.