Give Your Fears a Scare!

Give Your Fears a Scare!

Give Your Fears a Scare!

Guest Speaker: Kevin Cavanaugh

Red Sea Rule #1 Wherever you’re at is where God’s got you! Ex 14:1-2

Red Sea Rule #2 God’s Glory Is More Important Than My Relief! Ex 14:3-4

Red Sea Rule #3 Pray, Pray, Pray! When you ‘cry out’ to God in prayer you are praying Crisis Mode Prayers! Ex 14:10

Every true follower of Jesus will repeatedly find themselves in seasons of crisis! Mt 10:38

The Israelites prayer was: 1.Urgent 2. United 3. Unfeigned 4. Unbelieving!!!!

· Nothing exposes our unbelief more clearly or quickly than grumbling and complaining.

· Grumbling and Complaining act as a spiritual corrosive to belief!

Two Common Responses To Crisis

· People who pray are far less likely to complain and people who complain are far less likely to pray.

How Does Our Faith Get So Twisted Up At Times?

Spiritual Twisties: When your head and your heart get twisted

Dealing With The Spiritual Twisties…

· Confess you struggle with unbelief! Mr.9:22-24

· Exercise belief! You have to put belief to work for it to work! Mr.11:21-23

· Don’t Complain! Phil. 2:14

Reset Your Prayer Targets!

· How To Give your Fears A Scare!

o Identify the hairiest, scariest, reality in your life! Mr. 11:21-24

o Lock it in!

o Commit to praying into your targets for the next 30 days!

o Pray in the Might Name of Jesus!

Worth It!