God Protects and Delivers His People Through Tribulation

God Protects and Delivers His People Through Tribulation

What will God do for His people when the Day of the Lord comes and the Great Tribulation? Should we be afraid or confident? Pastor Ryan answers these questions from Revelation 7; “God protects and delivers His people through Tribulation.”

Application Questions

Look Back

  1. Share any ways you experienced God’s hope in your life this past week.

Look Up
Read Revelation 7

  1. What stood out to you most from today’s sermon?
  2. What do we learn about God through the act of marking his people? Share anyways you have experienced God’s protection over your life.
  3. What is your reaction to the great multitude in heaven? How does this bring encouragement with the reality of a great tribulation?

Read Isaiah 25:6-9

  1. What is most meaningful to you from this passage? Why?

Look Ahead

  1. What is God calling you to do in response to the message today? Share your plan for action.