God THE Father

God THE Father

Application Questions   

Look back over the past week and share any results from “Praying your pain”?   

  1. What are your general thoughts/feelings with God as Father?  
  2. Did any of the ways Pastor Ryan described God THE Father stand out to you personally? 
  3. Read Psalm 103:13-14. How does God deal with us?  What is His motivation?  Share any experiences you’ve had with God’s compassion. 
  4. Read John 6:40.  What is the Father’s will?  What does that teach us about God the Father? 
  5. What is God leading you to do in response to today’s message? 

Going Deeper 

Below are the aspects of God THE Father from this week’s sermon.  Use them this week to meditate on God as our Father.  Pray through each area with extra focus on the aspects of God THE Father that may be difficult for you.  

God THE Father will keep his promises- Gen 15:1-6 

God THE Father will rescue and save- Ex 6:6-7 

God THE Father will hold you up- Isaiah 41:8-10 

God THE Father will make us new- Jeremiah 31:31-34 

God THE Father will give you rest in him- Matt 11:28 

God THE Father will always have you- John 6:37 

God THE Father will be within you- John 14:16-18 

God THE Father will take you home-John 14:1-3 

God THE Father will make it right-Rev 21:1-7 ​​​


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