In Christ We Rise

In Christ We Rise

Application Questions ​

In Christ We Rise

Look Back Share any results from your “I will” statements from last week.  We’re you able to share with another person this past week? 

Look Up 
Reread today’s passage: 1 Thessalonians 4:13-18

What stood out to you most today?  

Did anything bother you from this passage?  Why? 
What does this passage teach us about God?  

What does this passage teach us about man?     

What does this passage teach us about living to please God?  

Look Ahead

Take a moment in quiet prayer and ask God what he is specifically leading you to do in response to this passage.  Write it down in the form of an “I will _____________ ” and make it a focus for obedience this week.  

Ask God if there is anyone he wants you to share this passage with this week and pray for Him to lead you to that opportunity.       


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