Let the Gospel Define You

Let the Gospel Define You

Pastor Ryan starts a new series teaching through the book of Romans. This week we will look at Romans 1:1-7 “Let the Gospel Define You”

Application Questions
Look Back

  1. Reflect over this past week and share any steps you took to stop fretting or living in outrage. How did it go? What could you have done better?

Look Up
Read Romans 1:1-7

  1. Why does Paul call himself a servant or slave of Jesus Christ? Do you view yourself that way? Why or why not?
  2. Paul gives a thumbnail sketch of the Gospel in verses 2-5. Which element stands out to you most? Why? Which element was unclear to you? Why?
  3. What does Paul mean by “the obedience of faith” in verse 5? Why does he use this wording? How do we apply that to our lives?
  4. What does grace and peace look like in our lives? How does God offer that to us?

Look Ahead

  1. How do you view your identity today? How can understanding the gospel change your self understanding? What can you do this week to reframe your identity to reflect who you are in Christ?