Let the WORD Speak

Let the WORD Speak

Application Questions   ​

  1. Look back over the past week and share any results if you tried a fast. 
  2. Have you ever had a time where a trial in your life brought you closer to God?  
  3. Read the following passages that describe the source of our Bibles.  2 Timothy 3:16-17, 2 Peter 1:16-21 

    Answer these questions for each passage: What do they say about the scriptures?  Why does this matter?  
  4. Read Psalm 19:7-11.  Can you identify with this Psalmist?  Why or why not?    
  5. Read Luke 24:24-27.  Background- Jesus is resurrected walking with 2 disciples who don’t recognize him.  He pretends not to know the whole story of his crucifixion.  What does Jesus say the Bible is all about?  How does that help us read the Bible?   
  6. What action steps do you sense God urging you to take in response to today’s message?  

Bible Reading Help 

For many, reading the bible is confusing and it’s hard to know where to start. The Bible Project has a series of very helpful videos about how to read the Bible.



A Challenge

Read through the Gospel of Mark this week.  You will need to read 2-3 chapters per day to complete the book. 


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