Love is Patient and Kind

Love is Patient and Kind

Application Questions ​

Look Back Share any ways you’ve been able to love other people this past week.  How was it received?  

Look Up 
What stood out to you most today?  

Pastor Ryan talked about the need to live as a creative minority in a culture that is hostile to our faith.  Share any reactions to this idea.  Share an examples you have of doing this.      
Read 1 Corinthians 13:1-4.  What comes to your mind about love? 

Read Romans 2:1-4.  How has God’s patience and kindness been experienced in your own life?  Share specific examples.  

Read Matthew 18:23-35.  How does this parable describe God’s patient love for us?  How do we extend this to others?    

Share any examples where someone’s patient and kind love for you moved you closer to Christ.    

Look Ahead

Take a moment and ask God if there is a person that you need to increase your patience and kindness toward?  How will you carry that out this week?  


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