Loving Transformation- Lighthouse Mission Interview

Loving Transformation- Lighthouse Mission Interview

Application Questions ​

Look Back Share any ways you were able to keep on loving this past week applying 1 Corinthians 13:7.

Look Up 
What stood out to you most today? 

What did you learn about the Lighthouse Mission ministry and approach?  

How can we apply the 3 phases of transformation that Hans described to our lives and church? What are the challenges we might face?       
Read Luke 7:36-50.  How does this story relate to today’s service?  How can we put this into practice.    

Look Ahead

Take a moment and ask God how he wants you to respond.  Is there an action He is urging you to take?  A person to reach out to?  A way to be involved with the Lighthouse Mission or other ministry?  Write out a plan and prayer for putting it into action this week.  Share that with another person.