Peace in an Anxious World

Peace in an Anxious World


We live in a difficult world and it is easy to be anxious. God offers us the opportunity to come to Him and find the peace that surpasses all understanding.

Application Questions

Look Back

  1. Reflect over this past week and share any ways you experienced the Holy Spirit working in your life.

Look Up

Read Philippians 4:4-9

  1. We are commanded to rejoice in the Lord. What are your reasons for rejoicing in the Lord today?
  2. Why is it so easy to be anxious in our world?
  3. What are we instructed to do when we are anxious? Why is that challenging to do sometimes?
  4. Can you think of examples of how we are affected by what goes into our minds?

Look Ahead

  1. What action step is God calling you to take? Share your plan for action.