Rescue Your Soul to the Refuge of God

Rescue Your Soul to the Refuge of God

Pastor Ryan takes us on a rescue mission in Psalm 37:1-11 to “Rescue Your Soul to the Refuge of God”

Application Questions
Look Back

  1. Reflect over this past week and share any ways you were able to; know God more, rely on the hope of the future, or see His power working in your life.

Look Up
Read Palm 37:1-11

  1. What are you fretting about? What does that look like in your life? Share any negative effects you have experienced.
  2. There are several commands listed of what we should be doing instead of fretting, which one is most needed in your life? Why?
  3. How does this Psalm help us let go of outrage? How do we apply that to our lives?
  4. How do we understand what God is doing both now and in the future? How does this help us today?

Look Ahead

  1. What steps do you need to take to remove the constant flow of outrage from your life? What will you do? What will you replace it with? Make a plan for action.