Take Your Sorrow to God

Take Your Sorrow to God

Look Back Share any results from savoring and soaking in God’s Word from this past week.

Look Up 
What stood out to you most today?  

Reread Psalm 42 & 43.  What jumps out as your go through this passage again?
What do you normally do when you are feeling upset and angry?  How could today’s message redirect those emotions?     

Look at Psalm 42:6-8.  Describe a time when being in God’s creation has overwhelmed you and led you to worship?  How can we implement this into our lives?    

Look at Psalm 43:5.  How can we use a verse like this to turn around our sorrows?  What are other scriptures that come to mind that have been helpful in your life?    

Look Ahead

What step are you sensing God is wanting you to take this week?  


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