The Fullness of Fasting

The Fullness of Fasting

Application Questions   ​

  1. Look back over the past week and share any ways that you were connected with God. 
  2. Share any experiences have you had with fasting.  
  1. Read the following passages in which people were fasting.  2 Chronicles 20:1-4 & 12, Acts 13:1-3 
    Answer these questions for each passage: Why were people fasting?  What was their focus?  How can that be applied to our lives today?  
  2. Read Matthew 6:16-18.  What commands does Jesus give regarding fasting?  Why?   
  3. Reread Romans 12:1-2.  How can we apply this to our life?   
  4. What action steps do you sense God urging you to take in response to today’s message? 

Fasting Guide 

Below is a simple fasting guide.  You can join Pastor Ryan by fasting on June 30th, or pick another day/time that works for you.   

  1. Pick a time to begin and end your fast. Some ideas are; skip one or two meals, go sun up to sun down- eating a later dinner, or even do a 24 hour fast.  It’s up to you, there isn’t a right or wrong amount of time.   
  2. As you fast, each time you feel a hunger pain or think about food or take a lunch break (with no lunch!), use it as a prompt for prayer. Turn your heart to God and ask him to feed your Spirit.   
  3. Here are additional ways to focus your fast: 
    1. Break a Habit – Identify a specify sin or habit or pattern in your “flesh” that you want to break. Spend the day in prayer for freedom in that area.  
    2. Journal – Take a little time for self-reflection. Get your journal out or go for a walk and think about what this Practice is revealing about you. Richard Foster said, “Fasting reveals the things that control us.” If you just feel “hangry” all day, or if you can’t make it more than a few hours, ask yourself, “Why do I feel this way?” Treat yourself compassionately, as God does, yet honestly as well. Remember: the point isn’t a guilt trip but freedom.  
    3. Read Scripture – “Feed” on the word of God, like Jesus did in the wilderness.  

Adapted from /fast/part-one 


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