The Gospel is Ready

The Gospel is Ready


The Good News of salvation in Jesus is so amazing, why don’t more believe? What are the obstacles to response to the Gospel? Pastor Ryan preaches from Romans 10:14-21, “The Gospel is ready: some need to hear it, some need to obey it.”

Application Questions

Look Back

  1. Reflect over this past week and share how you were patient obeying God’s word.

Look Up

Read Romans 10:9-21

  1. What stands out to you most from Romans 10:9-13? What is most surprising?
  2. Why is hearing the Gospel message so important? Share when you first heard. Share your involvement in spreading the gospel.
  3. What does Paul describe as the reason for the unbelief of Israel? Why do you think that happens?
  4. How does Israel’s unbelief relate to the Western World today?
  5. How can we present the Gospel to our culture today? What are the barriers? What are the opportunities?

Look Ahead

  1. What action step is God calling you to take? Share your plan for action.