The Story of Immersion Church

The Story of Immersion Church

Church Planter Garat Grant tells the birth story of his church and his vision for the future.    

Application Questions ​

Look Back Share any ways you were able to apply Hebrews 12:1-2 to your life this past week.   

Look Up 
What stood out to you most today? 

Read Matthew 22:34-40.  What does this mean? How do we do it?   

How would you like to increase God’s involvement in your life?  What would need to change?

What does it look like to love our world today?  How do we love those who are different than you? 

Look Ahead

Take a moment and ask God how he wants you to respond.  Is there a step God wants you to take to involve more of him in your life?  Is there a person He is wanting you to reach out to?  Is there a way He is calling you to support Immersion Church?  Share you plan for action.