We Forgo Our Freedom to Build up the Body

We Forgo Our Freedom to Build up the Body


What’s more important, my individual freedoms, or the growth of the group? While we are given great freedom in Christ, we also have a great responsibility to help those who are weak in faith. Pastor Ryan teaches from Romans 14:13-23, “We forgo our freedom to build up the body”.

Application Questions

Look Back

  1. Reflect over this past week and share any ways you extended Christian welcome to another.

Look Up
Read Romans 14:13-23

  1. What stood out to you most from today’s message?
  2. What are some examples of stumbling blocks you have experienced. How can we know if something is a stumbling block to another?
  3. Why do we need to be so concerned about the faith of another? What can we do to build another up?
  4. Does it feel unfair to limit your freedoms for others? How can we handle this?
  5. What should we do to help a person grow in areas of weakness? How can we do that without causing them to stumble?

Look Ahead

  1. What action step is God calling you to take? Share your plan for action.