We Live the Gospel in Real Life

We Live the Gospel in Real Life


Christianity isn’t just historical information, it’s the life altering work of Christ for humanity. When you grasp it everything changes and you give your all to live for Christ. Pastor Ryan teaches from Romans 16; “We live the gospel in real life”.

Application Questions

Look Back

  1. Reflect over this past week and share any ways you lived out your faith.

Look Up
Read Romans 16

  1. What stood out to you most from today’s message?
  2. Why do you think Paul took so much time to acknowledge people? What does this teach us?
  3. Which of the descriptions Paul used of people was most challenging to you? Why?
  4. Why is there opposition and division in churches? How can we handle this?
  5. What does God’s “mystery” teach us about God? How does that lead us to worship?

Look Ahead

  1. What action step is God calling you to take? Share your plan for action.