We Need Time with Jesus

We Need Time with Jesus

Application Questions

  1. Look back over the past week and share any results from applying “God is gracious so I do not have to prove myself”.   
  2. What stood out to you from today’s message? 
  3. What is it like for you to try and spend time with Jesus?  Is it positive?  Are there struggles?   
  4. Read Psalm 139:7-16.  How does this passage help us spend time with Jesus? 
  5. What is God leading you to apply to your life this week?   

Going Deeper 

  1. Take some time in prayer to identify what may be keeping you from time with Jesus? Why do you think that is?   
  2. Read John 15:1-11.  Why is this passage so urgent?  What is being offered? 
  3. Reread John 6:35-37.  What is Jesus saying to you in this passage? 
  4. What actions can you take to make time with Jesus possible this week?   

For Further Reading Pastor Ryan Recommends

Get Your Life Back; Everyday Practices for a World Gone Mad.  By John Eldredge  


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